The Meaningful Gift Generator

Has the extent of your holiday shopping sucked the joy and creativity out of year-round gift giving? Or, are you simply hard-pressed in deciding what to give your best friend for her birthday? If so, let me show you a simple way to generate unique and meaningful gift ideas.

The idea is to provide an experience or facilitate a mood, rather than simply gifting an object. Creating a mood through gift giving adds instant value and gives you some control over how the recipient feels about your gift.

Your 'movie buff' friend always receives DVDs for every gift giving occasion, and you'd like for a change to give your friend a suitable gift, but are reluctant to give her the same old thing. Besides, no one wants to spend money on a gift they are not excited about giving. So, how will you satisfy your friend's appetite for film in a way that is unique, meaningful, and worth your while?

If you are the gift giving type, money doesn't have to be an issue. You can spend more or less, as long as you ask yourself the relevant questions and think in terms of the experience your gift will create. You can still gift a DVD, but you want to ensure it is extra special.

Answer the following questions in sequence to generate a meaningful gift idea.

1. What does your friend enjoy doing most frequently?
2. What kinds of things, products or services, are associated with this activity?
3. What feeling or sentiment is commonly associated with this activity?
4. Further, is there a product that is associated with this feeling or sentiment?

1. Watching movies
2. DVD, popcorn, Cinema gift card
3. Relaxation
4. Candle, blanket

A movie to watch while wrapped up in a cozy fleece throw, 
relaxing on the sofa by candlelight.

J xx

Roots® Checked Fleece Throw: $29.99 CAD, Sears.ca
Voluspa Travel Tin Santiago Huckleberry Candle: $8-$12 CAD, Chapters Indigo Stores
DVD, The Big Chill (1983): $14.95 CAD, Chapters Indigo.ca

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