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I don't ski or snowboard, I haven't been on a toboggan since childhood, and I can't remember the last time I threw a snowball. Despite being inexperienced in winter sports, I have had the privilege of enjoying a few chalet getaways with friends who are in fact, ski enthusiasts.  It wasn't the skiing tips that I reluctantly picked up, but the après-ski lifestyle that inspired me - especially the rustic decorating opportunities to create the perfect retreat after a long day on the slopes.

After recently learning about a friend's weekend ski plans, I decided to make as if I owned a chalet and decorate. In my search for chalet-inspired decor I came across some great items; the cleverest of which is the ski poll potato masher by black+blum!

J xx

1. Black Forest Decor, Winter Sports Ski Sign: a decorative sign personalized with your favorite ski resort. Measures 18 inch by 30 inch. Available on wood or metal.
Click to: www.blackforestdecor.com

2. Black Forest Decor, Cabin Tissue Box: a rustic wood log cabin tissue box that seems to always have an inviting trail of smoke coming from the chimney.
Click to: www.blackforestdecor.com

3. Ralph Lauren Home, Hardwick 16x16 throw pillow: RL's Indian Cove Lodge collection includes an eclectic assortment of buffalo checks, heritage plaids and luxurious cabling that captures a sense of rustic elegance that is both comforting and holiday-appropriate.
Click to: www.ralphlaurenhome.com

4.  black+blum, Spudski Potato Masher: a potato masher based on the old fashioned ski pole (note the cross stitch detail on the back of the rubber handle). It has an ergonomic easy to grip rubber handle that allows you to hold it from the side or from above.
Click to: www.black-blum.com

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