My parents and I stumbled upon a little street sale last weekend in a gorgeous neighbourhood just north of The Beaches and I found this lovely old 4"x 5" painting that I purchased for $5.  The top photo has been filtered to amplify the colours, but in actuality the colours are soft, aged and "moody" as my boyfriend says.  I fell for its aged look and pretty scenic panorama.  I was ultimately willing to accept the challenge of finding an antique frame for it, but it turned out to be no challenge at all because I found one the next day for $15 at the St. Lawrence Sunday Antique Market!  I couldn't believe it was the exact size I needed...  I love how the dramatic frame anchors the picture.  Now I can't help but wonder if the gentleman who sold it would want to keep it, if he saw it framed on my wall - re-found and re-loved.  

J xx

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