Smitten with Deb

Last night I met Deb Perelman - the cutest cook and author of the world famous Smitten Kitchen blog and now - cookbook!  The Cookbook Store hosted a book signing last night to celebrate the launch of Deb's long awaited book.  I'm happy to report that Deb is the most adorable person!  It was fun to hear her speak about her success as a blogger, her hits and misses along the way, and her experiences in creating her first cookbook.  She was so real and witty, and confessed to not being the biggest fan of eating fish.  I love that Deb is a self-proclaimed picky eater and yet, is respected as a first-rate cook and admired by her 5 million monthly blog readers for her delicious and unique recipes.  

During the Q&A, Deb was asked how she comes up with so many new recipes, and her answer was amusing. She said she often thinks of recipe ideas while running errands, like the other day when she was in her car and suddenly thought about how much she loves eating rye bread with her eggs, and wondered why English muffins weren't made of rye.  Such a simple idea, but proof that sometimes the simple ideas can be the best ones.  For the record - I also prefer rye bread with my eggs!

All that said, I'm happy to own a hardbound collection of Deb's unique (easy!) recipes.  I'm excited to try her cheddar swirl breakfast buns, tomato scallion shortcakes with whipped goat cheese, and her popcorn cookies, to name just a few.  And despite her success as a famous blogger and author, wife and mom - all pale in comparison to perhaps her greatest accomplishment yet - getting me to cook!  Well done, Deb. Well done.

J xx

At long last!

My friend Jenn and I - happy campers to meet Deb!

Isn't she the cutest?!

Deb, signing my book!

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