The 'It' Box

I've always had a thing for decorative boxes. I keep telling myself I don't need it when I spot one, but every so often I come across one that I can't pass up. Like these designs by Peter Coolican. My favourite is Peter's Rosewood Box. I adore the satinwood accent and ebony trim. It's so rich and sleek and would make the perfect addition to a well styled table or shelf.

J xx

Every display styling needs a lovely box.
Don't you agree?

Be sure to visit Petercoolican.com for more of Peter's fine woodwork creations and furniture designs.  At just 23 - there's no telling where Peter's talent will take him! 

J xx

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Ann On and On... said...

I agree. In fact, I'm always on the lookout myself for the perfect "pretty" box. Fun post.

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