Princess Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco

Vogue Paris, September 2011

Fun Facts:  Her maternal grandmother is Princess Grace of Monaco, a.k.a. Grace Kelly!  She's a private citizen but occasionally attends official functions in Monaco.   She's a competitive horseback rider who happens to be Gucci's official 'equestrian' ambassador; her riding clothes are designed by Gucci and worn only by her. ♠  She's a published writer and magazine editor, and has become friends with Stella McCartney after interviewing her for the premier issue of Above Magazine for which Charlotte was editor-at-large in 2009.  Charlotte has since co-founded the ecological/fashion-related Ever Manifesto, a free publication on the fashion industry's harmful impact on the global environment and to promote sustainability in fashion. source Did I mention she's a Princess?  Totally crushing on Charlotte!

J xx

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