Macaroon Trinket Boxes

If your heart skips a beat at the mere sight of a French macaroon, then boy have I found something for you!  Macaroon Trinket Boxes by Two's Company. How darling! What a cute gift for your bridesmaids or any girl who wishes she were born and raised Parisian. I found mine at one of my favourite shops, Teatro Verde. Unfortunately they're not widely available to purchase online, but I've managed to find one small retailer that sells them here. I came close to buying the whole box of macaroons... Having to choose just one of six perfect colours is torture. Blue and green - I'll never forget you!  

J xx

3.27.2012 - UPDATE:  Trinket boxes can be purchased online here!


Designwali said...

i seriously need a trip to paris...love these.

Holly said...

These are the cutest things I've ever seen! I want to buy them so badly!! xoxo

Meghan said...

I bought one of these today to give as a gift! You're so right when you say it's torture trying to choose just one color! I'm already thinking I need to go back and get one for myself!

sharon lei said...

Oh gosh.. these are adorable!! I clicked on the link, but they're not on the site.... Do you know of any other sites that sell these cute little treasures?!


xx Love & aloha

connie said...

Available and in-stock with all the pretty colors here

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