Josie Maran

She was the girl I cut out of magazines as an impressionable young girl. I hoped that one day I could emulate her beauty. Her 1999 GUESS ads posted below made quite the impression on me. I remember these pictures like it's the first time I see them.

Today Josie is a mother and entrepreneur with her own earth-friendly beauty line. I just picked up Josie's Argan-oil infused color stick in Petal Pink. It received Allure's 'Editors Choice Awards' stamp of approval, let alone my teeny tiny endorsement. Watch Josie talk about her inspirations and beauty line...  Some things never change; she's still beautiful and I'm still a fan!

J xx

GUESS, 1999

GUESS, 1999

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer-

Josie Maran Cosmetics here. We saw your kind post and can't thank you enough! We even linked to it on our Facebook page. Happy new year and best wishes!


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