Saw it, Loved it

I loved this movie.  After watching the trailer I thought Anne's accent would be a big problem, but for some reason her fake accent was a non-issue in the movie.  Anne was great in the role, and Jim Sturgess was so, so adorable and perfect as Dexter.  The movie reminded me of all my favorite parts in the book, and I really thought it did the book justice.  I never found myself wishing they did more with this or that scene, I always felt satisfied.  In fact, there were points in the film where I was moved to tears - not because of the nature of the scene, but because the acting was so well done.  To me, this movie was a celebration of the book.  I highly recommend you see it (and read it!). And Jim Sturgess...oh, Jim Sturgess...I'm in love.

J xx

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