I haven't been around as you might have noticed. Well, I'm very sorry about that.  But I won't be around for a little while longer.  You see - I've had this really cool opportunity come my way, and it's my main focus right now. I'm very fortunate.  It's a once-in-a-lifetime kind of opportunity, where I can finally see things clearly.  So I'm going on my merry way down this path, but don't worry.  I'll be back again, and when I return I'll have so much more to share with you.  Lots of love.

J xx


DIY Vintage Christmas Ornament

There’s something about vintage Christmas ornaments that warm my heart. They hint at simpler times, and their worn patina tells me they were well loved.  And in the spirit of decking the halls, I’ve made crafting vintage-inspired decorations a holiday tradition. This year's creation is a vintage-inspired tree ornament I like to call “Fawn in Winter Forest”. The best part – it was easy to make!

Tools & Supplies

ornament // glitter // mini sisal trees // mini deer // Snow-Tex // vintage Christmas greeting card
small scissors // hot glue gun // small paint brush 

Crafting Time: 1 Hour


  • Vintage inspired ornament with open centre 
    • I found this pre-glittered high-shine ornament at Sears, but any ornament with a vintage shape that has a generous open centre is suitable.
  • Snow-Tex by DecoArt from Michaels 
    • This comes in a jar and has a creamy granular consistency. Scoop it up with a small paint brush to apply your snow.  Apply generously for a billowy snow-like effect. The snow will harden overnight, so you can continue shaping the snow as you go along.  You will also dab Snow-Tex on the trees and a little bit on the greeting banner for a fresh snowfall look.
  • Martha Stewart white tinsel glitter
    • Apply glitter over the wet snow so the glitter sticks to snow surface. This will make the snow glisten!
  • Miniature sisal trees from Michaels 
    • These little bristly trees come in packs of 12. They have little wooden bases attached, but you can easily cut these off with a small pair of scissors. They have wire stems which are great for sticking the tree base directly into the snow.
  • Miniature deer figurines from Michaels
    • These miniature deer come in packs of 4 (2 small, 2 extra small). Stick one directly into the snow in the desired position.
  • Vintage Christmas card for greeting banner
    • You can find old Christmas cards at flea markets or on Ebay and Etsy. Old greeting cards have the most charming holiday greetings and are ideal because the card stock has aged and browned over time which helps give your ornament a vintage look.  Simply cut out a greeting from the card with your small scissors into a banner shape. Use your fingers to gently roll smooth bends into the card stock so the banner has curved edges.
  • Hot glue gun
    • Dab a small bead of glue between the deer head and the sisal tree for extra stay-in-place security. You will also dab a small bead of glue on the greeting banner and affix it to the sisal tree in the desired position so that the banner appears to be floating.

Happy ornament making!


The Royal Wedding | a Bachelorette

This weekend my friend Lindsey and I hosted a 'Royal Wedding' themed bachelorette party for our  royals-obsessed bestie Jenn.  She's a classy lady, so this theme was an obvious choice.  We had fun putting the party together - complete with DIY fascinators, 'blue sapphire' ring pops, a British-styled table and a DIY photo booth with hilarious prop masks of the royal family.  We even played the 'naughty knickers' game which was great fun. The bride-to-be went home with William & Catherine, Their Story, a fab coffee table book that doubled as our guest book.  And in case you plan on throwing your own 'Royal Wedding' themed party, the decorating is made easy by the free printable cupcake toppers and bunting banners from The Pretty Blog and the free printable prop masks found here.  The bachelorette was a fitting tribute to one lovely lady and a final farewell to Prince William; the one who got away.

J xx


Luxe Christmas Tree Ornaments

clockwise: Swarovski // Waterford // Diptyque // Kate Spade

Let it be known to all of you that I have an obsession with Christmas tree ornaments.  They're like diamonds; the more the merrier! I can't resist a decorative object any day of the week, so a tree full of them sends me into a state of euphoria.  Especially when they're as luxe as these baubles.  I reckon Ms. 'Violet Eyes' would have approved of these ornaments… They're dazzling!

J xx


Christmas Ornament Vases

I had to repost this adorable holiday DIY project shared by Liz at Gimme Some Style.  Liz and her hubby are co-owners of a coffee shop in Kansas City called Quay Coffee.  Their business partners decked out their coffee shop for the holidays last year with these sweet Christmas ornament vases that adorned each table.  How cute is that!  For more on this DIY project, head over to her blog.  I'll definitely be making some over the holidays! 

J xx

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